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The health-care industry is a substantial contribution to the US economy. In 2018, healthcare expenditures were $3.6 trillion, or 17.7% of the US GDP. As Americans become older, the need for high-quality medical care grows. Doctors need high-quality healthcare marketing services in order to engage with these potential patients. Can you depend on a freelance medical writer to deliver trustworthy online content for your company?

Knowing the answer to this question is critical in today’s digital world. According to one study, 54% of millennials selected their healthcare providers based on online reviews. Among the roughly 83 million millennials in the United States, there are a considerable number of potential patients.

According to the American Hospital Association, the use of telemedicine in hospitals has increased from 35% in 2010 to 75% just seven years later. The number of telehealth visits is expected to exceed one billion by 2020. It is obvious that dependable medical writing services are essential as more people turn to the internet for health information and base their medical treatment decisions on what they learn.

Authors Of Independent Medical Literature: Physicians Or Specialists

Yes, there are medical writers who are also doctors. Not usually. Instead, these individuals often have a background in marketing, journalism, or creative writing, and in some cases, a bachelor’s degree in English.

Medical writers, on the other hand, depend on information from government organisations, trustworthy experts, and licenced physicians while writing their articles in order to deliver the highest quality content available. When writing about arthritis, for example, writers may seek help from the Arthritis Foundation.

Additional notable sources for well-written articles are the National Institutes of Health, Mayo Clinic, and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The National Centre for Biotechnology Information provides access to published articles for review. The best medical writers are always growing their scientific knowledge as well as their writing talents.

The Importance of Extensive Research

Without being a medical specialist, how can a writer approach hard scientific topics? Independent medical writers, like other journalists, hone their craft by doing extensive study. Any medical writer must be able to do extensive research.

Of course, not all brilliant writers choose to write about health, but those who do usually have a genuine interest. They often have high intellect, outstanding thinking abilities, and the ability to comprehend difficult topics.

These talented writers break down complex issues into its component elements until they thoroughly understand the purpose and link of each component to the rest of the content. A medical writer develops years, if not decades, of experience through time, covering topics ranging from general health to specific therapies.

What Characterises Expert Articles? Question and Answer

What happens if a freelance medical writer is unfamiliar with psoriatic arthritis? How are they able to talk about this? The key is to do extensive research. In this case, the author must get answers to many critical questions:

  • What exactly is psoriatic arthritis?
  • What causes it?
  • What symptoms are there?
  • Who is it affecting?
  • What therapy are available?
  • How effective are the different therapies?

This study session will provide medical writers with a solid grasp of the topic. They may not be able to provide a clinical prescription, but they can write an outstanding, detailed, and valuable study on the subject.

Areas in Which Reliable Freelance Medical Writing Can Help

Professional medical writers are skilled in producing high-quality writing on health-related topics. Let us look at why well-researched medical writing is good for digital marketing:

Creation of a Website

Web development companies often collaborate with freelance medical writers to construct websites for clients in the medical profession. Clients may include dentists, physicians, massage therapists, eye doctors, chiropractors, veterinarians, and other health professionals.

The goal is to create a complete website that attracts and inspires visitors. This is achieved in three ways via high-quality medical writing: capturing readers’ attention, replying to their questions, and providing trustworthy information to help in decision-making.

Medicine-related Blogging

Blog entries are an essential means of communication between medical specialists and their patients. A fantastic blog gives a personal touch to medical practises, putting patients at rest. Articles such as “10 Healthy Recipes for High Cholesterol” and “The Right Way to Remove Your Dentures at Night” are both interesting and useful. They might be used as pillar pieces to attract new clients.

Giving medical blogs a friendly ambience that readers of all ages can relate to requires a high level of writing expertise. Strong research talents and accumulated medical understanding combine to generate authoritative writings. This increases patient trust, which is equally important.

Creating Websites for Health Care

Product and treatment websites are one example of where clear, attractive, and informative content is critical. People searching for information frequent these websites. Professional writers have a huge influence by outlining each treatment, why it is important, what to expect, and its advantages.

Creating Product Descriptions for Health Products

Product descriptions that are appealing to your consumers are essential, whether your company sells nutritional supplements or medical devices. Professional medical writing services give real substance by going into great detail about features and benefits, as well as why each product is preferable to alternatives.

Consumer-focused health goods on Amazon need clever content to entice buyers and set them apart from competitors. On retail pages and company websites, the uses and advantages of things must be made plainly clear.

The Medical Writing Process

Understanding the content creation process may help you understand the meticulousness that goes into the best medical writing. What happens when a client requires a medical blog or website from beginning to end?

1. Investigating the Client’s Specifications

Before starting to write, a good medical writer takes the time to understand the assignment’s aims. This is vital for developing compelling stuff. What is the process of recording the client’s voice?

Market segmentation: Writers must be conscious of their audience. The tone and wording of a text written for parents will vary from that of a piece written for medical specialists. There is a notable difference in tone when writing about assisted living facilities to patients vs caretakers.

Clients may choose an urgent, empathetic, optimistic, or objective tone for their post. The tone of the work influences the ideas and language used, as well as the flow of the paragraphs.

What is the content’s purpose? Some blogs are created to encourage sales, while others are created to build authority. Because lead generation and local search engine optimisation are equally effective approaches, it may be beneficial to engage a freelance medical writer with SEO skills.

It takes time to put these information together. The more each piece of material reflects your organization’s voice, the more closely your company and the freelance writer/medical writing team interact.

2. Conducting Research

The research phase is one of the most important aspects of creating a medical blog. It might take as long as writing, if not longer. The best independent writers like doing research.

The first step is to have a broad grasp of the subject. Before writing on treatments for a herniated cervical disc, the medical writer would most likely do extensive research. This might involve learning about the functioning of the spinal cord, the causes of herniated discs, and associated symptoms.

The best writers then go deeper. They do considerable research on the issue at hand, in this case researching all possible treatment options for herniated cervical discs. In addition to reading the most current medical research for prospective future therapies, it’s critical to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each therapy.

Professional writers do extensive research and prepare a list of credible references in order to ensure correctness. Medical writers will only go to the next step if they have a strong understanding of the topic and can communicate it in their own words.

3. Making an Outline

Following comprehensive research, the next step in the medical writing process is deciding how to successfully blend this information and client instructions into an amazing work. Many writers begin with an outline in order to properly structure their thoughts.

A solid outline may help to organise topics logically by offering acceptable replies in the proper order. This level is critical for addressing complex scientific or medical concerns. Using an outline allows you to write a clear and concise medical blog.

4. Writing

It’s now time to flesh out the medical article with useful and fascinating information. Because of the extensive study, the writer understands why each problem is essential to the audience. This makes creating an interesting introduction easier.

The knowledge of a freelance medical writer in content production allows them to express complicated medical ideas in short, effective lines. This sort of common writing seems warm and welcoming, like a conversation with a friend, rather than cool or academic.

Statistics and citations are nearly always necessary in medical writing to make the main points apparent. According to the authors, this information is derived from what researchers have discovered. These are not arbitrary figures. Professional writers understand the significance and uses of figures.

5. Editing and Proofreading

Medical writing must be current, honest, and accurate (as well as, if required, legally compliant). This kind of writing requires more attention than other types of writing. To ensure that the material is correct and up to date, freelance writers rigorously revise the piece, evaluating every data, links, and references.

Professional editors are often used by specialist medical writing organisations to assure the greatest possible quality. These editors may have been in the profession for a long time and have a big number of publications to their credit. Proofreaders examine the facts twice when they alter the text.

It goes without saying that writing for the medical sector requires a significant amount of work and time. Is the investment worthwhile? Yes, from the standpoint of both users and search engines. Such pillar content is really useful for marketing and SEO.

The Benefits of Using Experienced Medical Writers

What can you expect from a team of seasoned medical writers? Professionalism, commitment, and expertise are some of the characteristics that define the best. Other benefits include the following:

  • Content of interest: Excellent blog entries provide well-thought-out information that significantly improves the lives of patients. Engaging content answers questions and gives readers the sensation that they have learned something useful.
  • Tone customization: A pediatric may choose a friendly and accessible tone, while a large hospital may prefer a neutral, authoritative tone. A qualified medical writer is required to develop good text that sounds as though the client is speaking.
  • Increase in page views: Medical writers, like interpreters, collect knowledge from doctors and put it into words that anybody may understand. Satisfying content generates more page views and click-through rates.
  • Reputation for dependability: Readers can tell the difference between publications based on strong scientific facts and those based on worthless marketing promises. In reality, search engines value high-quality content because it speaks for itself.
  • Writing that persuades: The most convincing medical writing contains a multitude of facts. Well-researched websites emphasise specific benefits rather than broad ones like “helps arthritis,” such as reduced swelling, joint pain reduction, better mobility, and improved cartilage health.

Hiring competent medical writers may dramatically increase the quality of your website’s content. Of course, making intelligent decisions is essential if you want the best.

Hiring a Freelance Medical Writer

What characteristics should a freelance medical writer have? As the adage goes, the proof is in the pudding. Request writing samples on a relevant health problem for your firm or previous work (in certain circumstances, this is prohibited by NDA).

Check for accuracy, clarity, excellence, and experience. Professional medical writers are well-versed in the subject and avoid making false claims. The articles generated by this mix of content writing ability and research skill are both engaging and informative to read.

BKA Content’s professional content writers have a lot of understanding in a wide range of complex areas, including industrial engineering, software design, law, and healthcare. Our dedicated medical blog writing writers have produced content on a wide variety of health-related topics, from HIPAA compliance to cosmetic dentistry surgeries.

Do you need the services of a medical writer? Contact us right now to meet our amazing team of medical content writers and learn more about our credentials.

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