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Our People Are Our Most Valuable Asset At Medical KPO

Since the inception of Medical KPO, we have sought for skilled and extraordinary individuals to join our team, and it is because of them that the business has been able to examine excellent clinical research and so maintain its success. 

Our writers are some of the finest in the industry. We have 20 in-house employees and many freelancers, all of them are senior writers with at least five years of experience in clinical research. Our Medical Writers are medical doctors and holders of post-graduate degrees in the medical and scientific fields. They contribute academic knowledge from a range of scientific/biological areas. 

They work together to meet tight deadlines while maintaining the consistency, precision, and quality that distinguish our service.

Who We Are

Dr. Marie Gabrielle Laguna


BS Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science
Doctor of Medicine (MD)- Licensed
Diplomate in Internal Medicine and Fellow of the Philippine College of Physicians
Masters in Pharmacology
Master in Community Health
Regular Member, American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing (UK)

Dr. Christine Carado

Medical Reviewer

BS Medical Technology/ Clinical Laboratory Science
Doctor of Medicine (MD) - Licensed
Residency Training in Internal Medicine
Member, Philippine Medical Association
Member, Philippine College of Physicians
Faculty, Iloilo Doctors College

Elena Kumanova

Medical Writer

BS Molecular Biology
Masters in Plant Physiology
Internship, Laboratory Experimental Immunology
Plant Metabolomics
Plant Metabolites in Cosmetics and Perfumery

Tyrel Partisala

Psychology Reviewer

BS Psychology
Certificate in Computer Programming
Human Resource Manager

John Paul Demonteverde

Pharma Writer

BS Pharmacy
Faculty, University of San Agustin
Community Pharmacist

Mary Lucille Liego

Medical Editor

BS Education, Major in English
Certificate in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
OPEN (Online Professional English Network) English for Journalism Certificate
Experienced editor and writer

Sotir Kostadinov


BS Socioeconomics
Certified Web Developer
Certified Android Developer
Experienced Ecommerce Developer

Daniel Simeonov

Creative Director

BS Computer Science
Experienced in Video Ads and Video Editing for more than 15 years
Creative direction and video marketing

Dilyana Bozhanova

Digital Marketing Specialist

BS Marketing
Certificate in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Experienced Digital Marketer

Emie Rose Navarro

Medical Writer

BS Information Technology
Certificate in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Experienced content writer

Rica Castor

Medical Writer

BS Information Technology
Certificate in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Experienced content writer

Julie Mambaret

Medical Writer

BS Information Technology
Certificate in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Experienced content writer

Mary Christ Agus

Medical Writer

BS Information Technology
Certificate in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Experienced content writer

Francis Jaranilla

Medical Graphic Designer

BS Information Technology
Experienced graphic designer, videographer and photographer

Via Bingco


BS Accountancy
Certificate in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Experienced content writer

For More Than A Decade, We've Been Successful

We’ve created a solid customer base in Europe, Asia, the United States, Japan, and Australia over the previous 10 years. We are committed to delivering great service including excellent medical research and are well-known for our thoroughness and dedication to each assignment. This leads to a track record of successful submissions in Europe and the United States, as well as the fact that we keep our customers year after year. 

Adaptable Resource

Working with Medical KPO gives you access to a team of professional, qualified, and experienced writers and experts in medical research. With a workforce of 50 people, Medical KPO has the resources and flexibility to achieve tight deadlines without sacrificing quality.

Extensive Experience

The Medical KPO team has extensive experience in doing medical research in a variety of therapeutic areas. Our authors have extensive expertise in a variety of fields, including:

  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Diabetes
  • Devices
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Microbiology
    Molecular Biology
  • Neurology
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedics
    Reproductive Medicine
  • Respiratory
  • Rheumatology
  • Vaccines
  • Wound Care
  • Urology

About Us

Medical KPO’s business model is to provide high-end medical writing that goes beyond just ensuring that documents are organized: it includes content-driven sanity checks, a sense of ownership over the documents, and provides strategies in all areas of creation of record-keeping (from advising on best options for data presentation and helping teams focus on messages, to suggestions on best practice for review scenarios, coordinating team timelines, and proactively managing cross-functional input). We have a hand-picked staff of medical writers and quality assurance professionals, many of whom have received training from us.

All of our authors are scientists and professional medical writers. Most of our top authors have postgraduate degrees in Life Sciences.


The authors at Medical KPO are all degree-educated scientists who are experienced in creating paperwork for every therapeutic area and indication.

We write for a diverse range of clients, ranging from tiny biotech firms to big pharmaceutical corporations and clinical research organizations (CROs).

Our competence stems from years of experience working in various stages of clinical research, giving us the breadth of knowledge required to successfully explain particular concepts for a variety of documents.

We are as comfortable writing about pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics as we write about clinical safety and efficacy studies or epidemiology.

In addition to standard pharmacological therapies, we have expertise with new medicines such as stem cells and other cell cultures, parasites, and gene therapy (mRNA).

Medical KPO authors are well-versed in the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH), and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards that relate to medical writing activities, as well as European, US, and other local regulatory regulations, and all of our paperwork adheres to these standards.

How We Work

Medical KPO assigns a writing staff to your project to help you with medical writing, project management, and quality control. Our one-of-a-kind dedicated team strategy offers rapid, adaptable, and continuous assistance for your project – even in the face of unexpected emergencies:

  • Because more than one writer collaborates on each project, “parallel processing” of various portions of a document is feasible, lowering document preparation time.
  • The familiarity of team members with all of the projects allocated to that team results in a wider resource pool that is better suited to deal with project crises.
  • Because there is less reliance on individual authors, Medical KPO can ensure continuity of the writing team across the full development program – covering the complete lifetime of various documents necessary.
  • The varied team members’ complementary abilities and experiences enrich the overall output.
  • The Medical KPO team’s expertise extends to coordinating larger “virtual teams” inside the client’s whole development project, breaking down barriers, and speeding up the entire document preparation and review process.

Medical KPO Benefits

  • A Pool of Experienced Writers: Access to Medical KPO’s pool of highly educated medical writers, as well as their significant expertise in producing various sorts of papers and communications.
  • Documents Tuned to Their Audience: Reviews, key opinion leaders, investigators, physicians, patients, academics, budget holders, and sales personnel are various audiences with varying characteristics, demands, and degrees of comprehension.
  • Therapeutic and Development Area Experience: Make advantage of our extensive knowledge in therapeutic and development fields, as well as the regulatory review procedure.
  • A Dedicated Authoring Staff: A dedicated team to guarantee maximum continuity over the duration of a project and “parallel processing” – speeding document writing.
  • Offloaded Clinical Team: Offload the management and coordination responsibility of creating critical clinical documentation across a wide variety of medical indications to Medical KPO for proactive help in assuring project execution on time and on budget.
  • Working with Pharmaceuticals and CROs: Medical writing assistance for pharmaceutical businesses of all sizes and sorts, as well as contract research organizations (CROs): perfect for a “functional outsourcing” approach


Medical KPO is a well-known clinical and regulatory writing organization. Medical Writers and Senior Medical Writers are in high demand at our rapidly developing organization.
If you are interested, you can send your queries to: info@eternusglobal.com

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